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Japanese Rock and POP 79-89

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This is the sequel to the very popular “1966-1978”. Not only the “masterpieces” of Japanese rock and pop music, but also indie works, new music, songs, and all sorts of other sound records are lined up in the order of release, giving a clear picture of the atmosphere of the times. In this issue, we have selected 1005 albums from 1979, when YMO broke out and the Tokyo Rockers exploded, to 1989, when the band boomed and Wink became a big hit. All of them are in color, including idol works by Akina and Onyanzi, as well as rare independently produced albums. This is a great book for those who love records and want to listen to records they have never heard before!

<Manabu Yuasa, Takashi Ikegami, Kei Izuda, Tomoko Imai, Shinichi Ogawa, Ege Ogura, Dai Onojima, Masakazu Kitanaka, Taro Kubo, Yuzo Sakai, Yukihiro Goto, Shinichiro Kobayashi, Kiji Komatsu, Mamoru Koyama, Kotaro Kondo, Kotaro Saito, Kenzo Saeki, Ayumi Shida, Akira Shinohara, Miyuki Shimpo, Tetsuhiko Sugihara, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Hiroshi Takaoka, Fumito Taguchi, Akihiko Takeda, Yoshio Tachikawa, Masahiro Naoeda, Yo Nakamura, Kazuhiko Yukikawa, Kenta Hagiwara, Kazunori Harada, Kinki Hitomi, Maeda Sammy, Ryohei Matsunaga, Shinya Matsuyama, Yasuro Murao, Sally Mori, Kenichi Yasuda, Tetsuro Kidokawa, Akihiro Yoshida, Koji Wakui, Toru Watanabe

Japanese Rock & Pops Album Meikan 1966-1978″ is now on sale for high praise!

Japanese Rock & Pops Album Hall of Fame 1979-1989

Manabu Yuasa (supervisor)
List price: 2,400 yen (2,286 yen)
304 pages, A5 size
Published on February 21, 2014
February Extra Issue of Record Collectors
[Journal 19638-2]

<What’s going on?

Author List

The Rise of Punk/New Wave and the YMO Whirlwind

Japanese rock pioneers lead the way with their songs

The booming indie industry and the major companies trying to take advantage of it

Mature singers disappear from the charts, and the onyango crowd takes over

CD sales are growing and the music industry is transforming

Excavation / Editing